My Platform

I’m running to serve you, my neighbors and friends in District 114. Below are some key issues that affect our families, our quality of life, and our shared future here in the Lowcountry. As I get the opportunity to hear from more of you, I’ll expand this platform to include more issues that are important to you.

Contact me now to tell me about a problem in our district that you’d like me to focus on!


I’m a fierce believer in the transformative power of public education, and I’m running to make sure that all South Carolinian students have access to the education they need to become successful community leaders, business owners, and citizens of this great state. Currently, our school system is badly broken. We sit 43rd in education according to US News’ national ranking, with just 38% of residents holding college degrees. Teachers are leaving our schools (and in some cases, the profession entirely) in droves because of low pay and poor classroom conditions. Our kids aren’t getting the professional attention & expertise they need to develop as students and citizens, and are graduating late or not at all. We know these challenges are particularly acute in low-income communities and communities of color.

Many view education in South Carolina as a moral issue, as do I. But it’s also an economic one that affects you even if you don’t have children in our public school system. Studies have repeatedly shown that low graduation rates correspond to higher economic costs borne by society, in the form of lost tax revenues, assistance programs, and healthcare costs. As a small business owner, I also know employers need access to high-quality labor. If our schools can’t provide it, employers will hire from out-of-state (depriving South Carolina of economic benefit), or may decide to leave.

We must properly fund, maintain, and improve our public education system. As a soon-to-be parent and a small business owner, I feel both moral and economic imperatives to improve our district’s (and our state’s) approach to education.


Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, or you’re new to the district, you know that our Lowcountry infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired. Commutes are getting longer, city streets are flooding more, and our public transit system is simply not on par with Charleston’s reputation as a world-class city. I know investing in our community’s infrastructure is critical for its short-term stability and long-term success. This means reducing traffic and congestion on HWY 61 with data-driven strategies, halting overdevelopment and building resilient landscape features to give stormwater a place to go, and enhancing existing public transit options while exploring more.

None of this is easy. But neither is living with the status quo. How many times have you missed a child’s baseball game or an important work meeting because HWY 61 was jammed? How long does your lawn stay flooded after a heavy rain? When’s the last time you felt like you could rely on safe, effective public transit to get to your destination? When buses are reliable, convenient, and affordable, more people ride them—meaning less traffic on the road, less pollution in our air, and more equity & opportunity in the Lowcountry.

As your representative, I will partner with city officials and fellow state lawmakers to advocate for realistic legislation and policy to strengthen and modernize the infrastructure of our, district, city and state. It will improve our lives, safeguard our property, and give our community what it needs for future growth and prosperity.


A single solo cup left on Sullivan’s Island leads to a $1,000 fine, but if a Texas-based company dumps millions of plastic pellets there, there’s no fine at all. There’s absolutely no reason why state regulators should be giving a pass to major polluters.

I will work to crack down on major polluters and protect our treasured coastlines. I will work to make sure consumer freedom to invest in solar energy is protected.

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